Tuesday, November 13, 2012

'Once My Price Point Was Established, He Was Quick To Provide Potential Options...'

'Peterson's Property Search delivered on the service and result that I was seeking. Tod was clear in articulating his approach from the beginning, and was able to successfully draw out the requirements that I had. Once my price point was established, he was quick to provide potential option and was clearly active with investigating the preferred options.

Tod's knowledge of the Darwin market, particularly in the way it pertained to my circumstances, was reassuring and valuable. He allowed me to understand the pros and cons of various areas, and to find a suitably priced apartment on the fringe of the CBD - no small task. Tod successfully balances a professional yet casual approach that made it easy to do business with him. He was always responsive to emails and was prepared to use Skype on numerous occasions. 

I would recommend Peterson's Property Search to anyone who lacks knowledge of the Darwin market, and is looking to receive genuine and considered advice.' - Andrew McDonell