Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saved $45,000 on Rural Property!

'My wife and I were interested in buying a rural block and by chance we had heard of one coming to the market early this year. We knew this block would attract a lot of attention and would be snapped up as soon as it became public.

We approached Tod Peterson of PPS for his assistance. Through Tod's due diligence, he made contact with the owner, inspected the block, and relayed all information back to us. We instructed Tod to go ahead and secure the block for us. He negotiated directly with the seller, and we ended up buying it for $45,000 less than what it would have been advertised for if it had gone to market.

Overall, the experience was stress-free and easy, knowing we had a profressional working for us and saving a good chunk of cash. It's good to know there is someone out there looking after your best interests, who can deal with off-market property, and who is a strong negotiator. Tod provides an excellent option to property buyers who most of the time end up having to deal with seller's advocates. I highly recommend his services' - Damian O'brien

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