Saturday, July 18, 2009


We have recently purchased this unit at Parap.

TESTIMONIAL: "The combination of record low interest rates, generous Government incentives, high rental returns, low vacancy rates and a buoyant local economy with positive outlook were all key factors in my decision to invest in residential investment property in the Darwin market. However, these same factors also mean the market is very competitive, particularly in my target price range. Furthermore, not being a Darwin resident puts one at a distinct disadvantage when looking to enter this market. That’s where having someone on the ground that knows the local market and who will actively operate in your best interest tips the balance back in your favour.

I could have attempted my own property search remotely, but without the necessary inside local knowledge that could have been disastrous, and would have required a number of trips to Darwin, as well as dealing with a number of second parties. Alternatively, engaging local seller’s agents would not have guaranteed impartiality or access to the wider market. Using Peterson’s Property Search delivered a service that provided more than just an unbiased property search. Tod Peterson was able to exploit his local market knowledge to identify locations with the best prospects, including inside information on factors that may influence future returns in a particular area. His service was further enhanced by the added value of Tod’s advice on different matters, including selecting a conveyancing and property management agent, as well as being proactively engaged in the whole process from candidate property identification, evaluation, negotiation and contract execution through to liaising with other parties on my behalf.

Peterson’s Property Search has definitely made the whole exercise of investing in Darwin’s property market far easier than I initially anticipated, principally due to Tod Peterson’s dedicated service to his clients."

- Matthew

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