Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We have recently purchased this unit at Brinkin.

"As a first-time property investor/homebuyer I came to Tod for peace-of-mind that I was purchasing the right property. I am also a FIFO worker and whilst I had been scanning the property pages in Darwin for several months, I found that I didn't have the time to pursue things much further, and also that the properties I was interested in were getting snapped up very quickly. Before I even signed up with Tod's services he was on the hunt for a suitable property for me! Within days he had found a couple of properties to both of our liking though probably not something I would have picked for myself initially. We were able to secure this property within a couple of weeks and I was very happy with the purchase. Not only was it leased out for a good rate of return which would help me pay off my mortgage quickly and also proved to be a good investment, we were able to purchase the property below the advertised price. I would highly recommend Tod's services to anyone wanting to buy property in Darwin without the hassle or worry of trying to do it alone."

- Julie
McArthur River Mine

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