Thursday, April 11, 2013

'Saved $35,000, Plus Returns Of 8.5%...!'
'I was interested in buying into the Darwin property market for my super fund as I could see long term growth in both equity and yield. I had been talking with Tod Peterson for some time, waiting for the right opportunity to arise. Tod approached me with a unique situation - an investment property that could be value added to with a credible long-term tenant. I engaged Tod's services based on his local knowledge and experience of the area. We secured the property at a considerably lower price than was advertised, and are now in the process of adding more accommodation to the existing premises. The end result was a saving of $35,000 with a future return of approximately 8.5%.

I am an interstate investor with little time on my hands to research a market I am not fully acquainted with. I have no hesitation in recommending Tod Peterson's services, not only because of his experience and local knowledge, but also because of his insight into value adding to investment properties for his clients.' - Lachlan Cameron